Who We Are

Our story started in 1981 when Peter and Kerry Steeg started their network marketing business. Like most Distributors in those days they began by inviting people to their weekly meetings, but it was depressing having only a few people or sometimes no one show up.

They also grew tired of the program of the month as their uplines and their company constantly changed their process and this created confusion in their team.

And they hated having to drive around all the time and feel the frustration of people standing them up for appointments.

Peter and Kerry Steeg

So they made it their mission to create a better way to build.

Peter realized he couldn't wait around for people to come to their meetings. So he began setting appointments and going to the people and giving 1 on 1 presentations.

This is how it all began.

Peter created his first presentation back in 1982 when the internet didn't even exist. What began as a single step with just 1 presentation, soon became a very successful 3 step sponsoring system.

Your Freedom Project is an evolution of that original 3 step process.

create a better way to build


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