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Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Barbara McGaughey

Barbara lives in Kittery, Maine and is a mom of 2 grown children and has a full time job working for a non-profit organization on her community that helps homeless family get back on their feet.

Discover why she started her Shaklee business, how she got introduced to YFP, and how it helped her a lot in building her business.

Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Nancy Fickas

Nancy Fickas is passionate about educating people, and she always loved to be a teacher. She is now looking forward to teaching the children in her new community basic life skills like baking, cooking, sewing, crocheting and a lot more. She is now a Senior Executive Coordinator at Shaklee.

Listen to Nancy as she'll share her experiences in growing her Shaklee business using YFP.

Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Nicole Alo

Nicole is a Key Coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia, and she has a very unique Shaklee story that starts with her parents building to Master Coordinator in two countries.

In this video, she will share how she found out about Shaklee and what are her experiences in starting her career.

Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Gaetane Ferland

Gaetane used to be a nurse for 33 years. She joined YFP in 2012 through her upline who was also using the system.

Watch Gaetane as she'll share why she started her Shaklee business and what motivated her to join YFP to help her take her business to the next level.

Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Dubi Gordon

Dubi is a Director from Boston, and lived in Israel for 18 years after college where he met his wife. He has travelled extensively and can speak 5 languages!

He loves photography, kayaking, and walking.

In this video he'll share why he started his Shaklee business and what motivated him to join YFP to help him take his business to the next level.

Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Cathy Pagendarm

Watch Cathy Pagendarm as she share her amazing story on how YFP taught her a lot of stuff that helped her grow her business.

Leader Spotlight - Carol Steel

Carol Steel

Listen to Carol Steel as she'll share why she started her Shaklee business and what motivated her to join YFP to help her take her business to the next level.

Leader Spotlight - Nadya Tatsch

Nadya Tatsch

Watch and listen to Senior Director Nadya Tatsch as she share how she's using YFP to grow her Shaklee business even though she's super busy.

Leader Spotlight - Shirley Koritnik

Sandy and Al Abrams

In their mid 80's they lost everything in a fire along with the 90% of their town yet they keep going.

Watch the leader spotlight and discover their inspiring story or resilience after 50 years in Shaklee.

Leader Spotlight - Shirley Koritnik

Shirley Koritnik

Shirley Koritnik was a super skeptic and had almost no time to build a business. Yet she ended up creating a second income that has paid her over half a million dollars.

Listen to her share how she started and why she continues to build despite all the challenges she's faced along the way.

Leader Spotlight - Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson

Listen to Senior Master Coordinator Bob Ferguson as he shares his story on what made him decide to join YFP despite his previous misgivings, and how he is currently using it to help him achieve his target of growing his business from Senior to Presidential Master within 18 months.

Leader Spotlight - Deb Walkland

Deb Walkland

Listen to one of our original YFP members, 'Splendy' Deb Walkland share her inspiring story....

Leader Spotlight - Karen Hurd

Karen Hurd

Listen to Karen Hurd as she shares her story on how she started her Shaklee business, and why she chose YFP to help her grow her business. ..

Leader Spotlight - Ellen Reynolds

Ellen Reynolds

In this video, Ellen Reynolds shares her exciting and challenging experience in building her business using social media and other online tools that most people her age don't want to try...

Leader Spotlight - Tarrah Meyering

Tarrah Meyering

In this video, Tarrah Meyering shares her exciting experience on her expense paid trip to the new director's conference at Shaklee's HQ in Pleasanton...

Leader Spotlight - Tarrah Meyering

Peggy Allen

Listen to Peggy Allen as she shares how she started her Shaklee business, and why she chose YFP to help her grow her business...

Leader Spotlight - Tarrah Meyering

Anne and Jeffrey

Listen to Anne and Jeffrey Jones as they share how they started their Shaklee business, and why they chose YFP that helped them grow their business...

Peggy Allen

"I just sold another Cleaning Kit to a downline customer I have never met!"

Thank you YFP for doing what I cannot do. Life is so much easier with the newsletters.

- Peggy Allen

Success Shots Jeffrey Jones

"I just got a call from someone I took through the pipeline 2 YEARS AGO!"

When people ask me "does this 'freedom project' thing work,"
I just got a call from someone I took through the pipeline 2 YEARS AGO. His circumstances have changed, and he's interested again
(plus very impressed with all the additional content and resources now available). Thank you, Jody, et al!

- Jeffrey Jones

Success Shots Maura McCabe

"Hooray for YFP! Signed up a Preferred Member today with a Turnaround Kit on autoship!"

He reached out to me saying 'I just got your newsletter* "Why you won't get hungry with Shaklee 180," and I'm ready. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!' (*Actually, I think it was a weekly email. Who cares?!)

YFP emails and newsletters did most of the work over the last 8 or 9 months as he got to know more about the company and products. I just touched base maybe 2 or three times.

THANK YOU, Coach Jody and the entire YFP Team!

- Maura McCabe

Success Shots Gayle Sellers

"So excited to share that over the recent months, my bonus checks have doubled!"

I credit the great information in the email marketing system and monthly newsletters. Now to amp up my training with weekly webinars.

I just love this business!

Thank you Jody and the elves for all the tools you work so tirelessly to provide us with.

- Gayle Sellers

Success Shots Karen Hurd

"I just sponsored a Qualified Distributor who came through my blog!"

Because of all the social connectivity embedded on my YFP properties, she then joined my Facebook groups.

We then connected and she participated in one of my virtual pop-up events and sponsored as a qualified distributor before even going to the classrooms.

When my VA sent out the last week's email, somebody that has been in my system for a couple of years popped up and wanted to talk about the Shaklee business.

- Karen Hurd

Success Shots Kay Erickson

"The difference in my volume is quite noticeable. Average increase of 1500 PV each month!"

At first I thought it was a fluke, but now it has been four months in a row.

I have made no other changes. I feel more in control and more professional regarding my business.

The professional polish that the Freedom Project is able to put in the communication is incredible.

I am not technologically savvy. This has been a great learning and earning opportunity for me.

- Kay Erickson

Success Shots Carol DeNooyer

"I just received a call from a member who has not ordered in 7 years!"

Thanks to YFP's new weekly emails and monthly newsletter, I just received a call from a member who has not ordered in 7 years!

Deadwood becomes alive again! She wants 2 bottles of the shampoo!

- Carol DeNooyer

Success Shots Dannie Cade

"I became a Director in 3 months!"

I started this business through Your Freedom Project in 2008 and became a director in 3 months. I am now a coordinator, I enjoyed one of Shaklee's incentive trips, anvd I'm trying to come back after 2 years of serious health challenges, and yet I still have a good business.

Totally worth committing to with the understanding that it works if you work it. Might be the smartest thing I ever did. And what I like best, I built my business entirely in the comfort of my home.

- Dannie Cade

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